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MFH-1 Single Zone Control


Totally Digital
Compact Foot Print
Self Contained
Exceptionally Rugged Designed & Constructed

The MFH-1 Single Zone Temperature Control System delivers precise temperature control with enhanced diagnostic and control functions. This 15 amp, microprocessor based temperature control system is compact in size, enclosed within a rugged extruded frame and manufactured to standup to the rigors of industrial environments.

Employing the latest in microprocessor technology, the MFH-1 offers the user many improved and unique operating features, which provide ease of use, menu selectable flexibility with advanced PID control algorithm for precise control.

Unlike others the MFH-1 does not use a wimpy lightweight sheet metal enclosure, but instead the MFH-1 uses a robust heavy wall extruded frame which will withstand industrial use.

Full Featured
Easy to use
Enhanced Diagnostic Features
Large, Dual Digital Displays (Temperature, Setpoint, Error Codes)
Audible Alarm
Rear Mounted Fuses
Soft Start “LED” Indicator
Heater Load “LED” Indicator
Bumpless Transfer—APO (average power output)

Auto or Manual Operation – LED mode indicator
Type J or K Thermocouple – LED mode indicator
F° or C° Temperature Range – LED mode indicator
Amperage Monitoring & Display – LED indicates
AMP mode
Audible Alarm – Selectable on /off
Front Panel Lockout – Selectable on/off

High/Low Temperature LED – Selectable Range
tCr Error Display – Thermocouple Reverse
tCO Error Display – Thermocouple Open
tCS Error Display – Thermocouple Shorted
tOh Error Display – Triac/Heater Open
tSh Error Display – Triac Shorted
HiC Error Display – High Amperage Alarm – Selectable Range

High Voltage Thermocouple Protection (fused)
Module High Current Protection (fused)
Electrically Isolated Front Panel
Power Disabled to Heater:
Triac Shorted
Triac Open
Heater Open
Over Temperature
High Amperage

Product Specifications – * Specifications may change without notice

• 208 to 240Vac, single phase 120Vac (Optional)
• 50/60 Hz
• 15 Amp Capable
• 3600 Watts
• Size: 6 1/2″ Wide, 2″ High, 10″ Deep
• Control System Power Usage, Less than 5 watts
• Set Point Range – 0° to 999° F
• Control Accuracy – +/- 1° F (0.5° C)
• Calibration Accuracy – Better than 0.2% full range
• Cold Junction Compensation
• Operating Temperature Range -32° to 120° F
• Output Drive – Internal solid state triac, zero crossing AC pulse


Single Zone Mold Power / Thermocouple Cable: PTC1-10 or 20
Single Zone Cable End Kit—For Frame End: 1Z-FE
Single Zone Input Power Cord Coed 10 ft. lg. for MFH-1: MFH-1-IPC
Single Zone Input Power Cord Plug for MFH-1: MFH-1-IPP

NOTE: 1Z-FE & MFH-1-IPP are provided if mold power/thermocouple & input power cables are not ordered.

Maximum Amperage: 15 Amps 3600 Watts
Input Power: 240 vac, Three Phase, 4 wire (3 AC & 1 Ground), 50/60 Hz.
Power to Heater: 240 vac Single Phase, 50/50 Hz. 15 Amps Max.
Thermocouple: Type “J” or “K”
Mold Interface: Accomplished with an optional combination power and thermocouple cable with ground, Five (5) wire. (Part No. PTC1)
Dimensions & Weight: 2” (H) x 7” (W) x 11.5” (D) Approx. 7 lbs. (without cables & connectors)
Construction: Totally self contained system with heavy duty extruded aluminum frame: Combination Power & Thermocouple connector (1Z-FE), 5 pin, female) is mounted on rear of cabinet. Input Power Plug (MFH-1-IPP) is mounted on rear of cabinet. (Combination Power/Thermocouple connector & Input Power Plug are supplied standard with this system) PFS-1 Portable Floor Stand can be used to mount the cabinet.
Accessories – Supplied: 1Z-FE -Cable End Connector (Combination Power/Thermocouple) which plugs into cabinet. MFH-1-IPP -Cord End Connector for Input Power Cord (Must use SJO 143 Style & Type of power cord) (These plugs are only supplied if Power/Thermocouple or Input Power Cord
Accessories – Not Supplied: Main Frame Connector (1Z-FC) Mold Connector (1Z-MC) Combination Power/Thermocouple Cable (PTC-1) Input Power Cord (MFH-1-IPC) Portable Floor Stand (PFS-1)
Input Power Cord: CAUTION -If customer is going to make their own input power cord, Use only SJO 14-3 type and style of power cord. Only this type and style of cord will fit the supplied connector.
Power Usage: Less than 5 watts
Setpoint Range: 0° to 999° F
Control Accuracy: +/- 1° F (0.5° C)
Calibration Accuracy: Better than 0.2% full range
Operating Temperature Range: -32° F to 120° F
Output Drive: Internal Solid State Triac, zero crossing, AC pulse